Road Trips With Your Little Monsters

We are slowly moving towards the end of the year when many families and friends plan on going on holiday. Traveling with your little monster can be a daunting experience at times, but the most beautiful thing about it is viewing the world through their eyes. Whether you are an overprotective parent or not, travel tips for your baby’s safety and care still remains a top priority.

Travel Tips

Baby Car Seats

Plan on getting a car seat for your toddler. As this may sound obvious, but many of us tend to overlook the importance of a car seat to either save space in the car or, the issue of affordability may be a factor. Nonetheless, it’s essential to have a car seat for safety measures.

Stocking up on Treats

Whether they are small or big, treats remain the main currency to most toddlers, meaning treats are a must-have component of any family vacation. Use them to reward good behaviour. Keep in mind to purchase them in advance to avoid paying premium prices at petrol stations.


Baby Hygiene

A well-stocked up diaper bag will be your lifesaver when traveling. Wet wipes are the perfect product for all ages, and they will help you drastically when changing nappies or cleaning up after your monster. Since we are approaching summer, it’s the best ditch the bum paste and keep a Zuru Baby Bum Spray available in your diaper bag. This product has a cooling effect, making your toddler feel relieved in the heat, and is highly recommended.


Toddler Encouragement

Encourage your little monster to take his or her favourite toy along the trip if they want to. A toy stops them from experiencing car boredom sometimes and makes you focus more on the road, it will also make them feel like they are taking a small step towards being responsible, and it also makes you feel better knowing you doing a great job.


Parenthood is exhausting yet rewarding. If things are done in an orderly fashion, you and your little monster will have a blast of a time. So, don’t forget to get your vehicle fully inspected before taking off. Strap up, and travel safely. Happy Holidays

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